About us

Trade is in our genes

Duty Free is a complex and exciting business with its own dynamics and we love it. Our experienced team at Holland Duty Free knows exactly how to make a success of it for you. We are trailblazers in Duty Free trade. It’s in our Dutch genes.

Several great luxury brands and distributors are already on board. More are knocking on our door. Why? Because Holland Duty Free is a full service one stop supplier. We have the right connections, resources, product variety and sales channels to conquer the world for you. We only work with great brands and people under exclusive contracts. That’s how we guarantee the best prices and a watertight distribution to all main Duty Free markets.

Our team at Holland Duty free is committed to make your life easy. All brands come with attractive plug & play displays designed to support easy sales. Because of our exclusive contracts we can also arrange for Duty Free retail exclusives to boost sales even more.

We strive to only use brands we have exclusive contracts with for Duty Free!